We’re a group of 12 maths and numeracy teachers from primary and secondary schools across the UK and we champion the principle that everyone can learn maths. If that’s going to be a reality, we need all children to hear positive messages about maths from a young age.

Building site

While we’re building the website and mounting a One Million Conversations campaign (targeting every school staffroom in the UK), you could read the history of Maths Counts in these four articles:

“I was never any good at maths” – please help my desk study
2024 Good - 600

Spoiler alert: assistance required. For as long as I’ve been a maths teacher, and probably before, it’s seemed to me a travesty that people would leave school saying they weren’t good at maths. Well I’ve decided to do something about it on a bigger scale. At the moment it’s early …

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#NoGoodAtMaths – please vote for your favourite hashtag

Thanks to all those who responded to my call for a hashtag for the “I was never good at maths” campaign. More than 50 responses came in and the best are shared below. Now I need you to rate each one! If any of them have inspired you to come …

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#MathsCounts – vote for the logo
Maths-Counts-Logos 1 to 3

Thanks for voting on the name of the “I was never any good at maths” campaign. Voting is now closed and the top 5 were: #CountMeIn 54 votes × mean score 4 stars = 216 points #CanDoMaths 62 votes × mean score 3.5 stars = 217 points #EasyAsPi 69 votes …

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MathsCounts logo winner!
4 Logo (modified)

Thanks all for ranking the 9 MathsCounts logos. Results! First choice (Score 2.9*) Comments: Clean and stands out. Clear, bold, good strapline. Colour ok, font clear and tidy, strapline better, ruler nice but somewhat stereotypical, overall reasonable. Great positive message! I ranked this #1, and I’m not sure why. It …

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And here’s a snapshot of what we’re preparing now, to keep you interested :)

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